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Wayfinding Signs
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Bailey Wayfinding Signs


Wayfinding signs play a vital role in elevating customer and client satisfaction through the provision of clear directions within a facility. We’ve all experienced the frustration of not knowing where to go.

Attractive Campus Wayfinding SignageAt Redsquare Signs, we recognize the importance of these signs being not only visually appealing but also highly functional. They serve two pivotal purposes: guiding individuals in unfamiliar environments and representing an organization’s brand identity.

With our extensive experience in the sign-making industry, we have mastered the art of achieving both. Whether you operate a school, clinic, retail store, office, hospital, warehouse, library, or any other facility, Redsquare Signs is your trusted partner for efficient Bailey wayfinding signs that align with your brand and budget.

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Identification Signs that Stand Out

Bailey Wayfinding Signs outdoor hanging blade sign blue sea building business wayfinding address sign 300x199

Make a lasting impression and enhance customer convenience with high-quality signs from Redsquare Signs.

Our location identification signs and address signs ensure that your customers, and potential customers, know they’ve arrived at the right place. We offer a diverse range of materials and designs, providing you with the flexibility to choose the perfect signs for your needs.

Whether it’s fascia signs, post and panel signs, electronic signs, neon signs, or room identification signs, we have a solution that will help your business stand out. Rest assured, our outdoor identification signs are built to last.

We handle the entire fabrication process in-house, using top-quality materials and efficient methods. When you partner with Redsquare Signs, you can count on durable, budget-friendly signs that make a lasting impact.

Strategic Directional Signs

Way Finding Sign

Eliminate confusion for your customers and visitors by providing clear visual cues to their destination and the best route to get there. Directional signs are typically positioned at key junctions where people commonly seek guidance, such as near reception desks, elevators, lobbies, and loading docks.

In addition to the text and design of directional signs, their placement and positioning play a critical role in ensuring they effectively serve their purpose. At Redsquare Signs, we are experts in this regard. With our extensive experience in signage solutions, we understand the importance of strategic placement and ensuring optimal visibility for your directional signs.

Information Signs

Custom wayfinding directory

Provide confidence and assurance to your customers and visitors throughout your facility with well-placed information signs. Redsquare Signs is here to assist you in creating signs that address your customers’ most common inquiries about your establishment.

Whether you require standing signs, plaques, digital displays, or vinyl lettering on your windows, Redsquare Signs offers a diverse range of information signs tailored to your business needs. Our team of signage specialists includes skilled graphic designers who excel in organizing and presenting information effectively, ensuring that the message is highlighted without compromising the sign’s visual appeal.

ADA-Compliant Regulatory Signs

ADA Compliant Signage

Regulatory signs play a critical role in guiding visitors within your facility, outlining essential rules, and ensuring a safe environment. These signs encompass a variety of wayfinding messages, including no-smoking signs, no-entry signs, speed limits, parking regulations, and more.

At Redsquare Signs, we specialize in designing and installing regulatory signs that not only meet high-quality standards but also adhere to legal requirements. Our expertise extends to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) signage standards, which we meticulously consider throughout the entire sign-making process.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom safety metal signs

With many years of industry experience, we’ve acquired an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of wayfinding design. Our team of seasoned designers and sign experts possesses the knowledge needed to determine the ideal sizes, typefaces, and colors for effective Bailey wayfinding signs. But our expertise doesn’t stop there.

As a full-service Bailey, NC sign company, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process. From turning your design concepts into reality and sourcing your preferred sign materials to employing eco-friendly manufacturing practices and strategically installing the final product, we ensure a comprehensive approach. Our commitment extends to ongoing maintenance, ensuring your continued satisfaction.

Free Wayfinding Signs Consultation

Whether your business requires identification, directional, informational, or regulatory signs, Redsquare Signs is your trusted partner, eager to provide the signage that not only welcomes customers into your facility but also enhances their overall experience. Let’s schedule a conversation to explore how our Bailey wayfinding signs can elevate your business.

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