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Smithfield Vehicle Magnets


Not all businesses can benefit from full or partial vehicle wraps for their commercial vehicles. Some may not have the funds to invest in these pieces, while others may be using their commercial vehicles for personal use. With this in mind, what kind of marketing tool can be used to use these vehicles as part of their promotional strategy without investing in vehicle wraps? The solution to this problem is vehicle magnets!

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Our Smithfield vehicle magnets will allow you to use your vehicle as a mobile advertisement for your business when they are installed in your vehicle. When you are done, you simply remove the magnet, and you can use the vehicle without any identification stating that it is a business vehicle. It is very easy to make these vehicle magnets to suit your business and achieve any goal you have in mind when they’re in use.

Redsquare Signs takes great pride in ensuring clients get the best service and the highest quality vehicle graphics whenever needed. We will do the entire project in-house to guarantee quality and meet your standards and targets. Redsquare Signs is also ready to help you reinvent your graphic displays so that you are able to provide consistent messaging to your target audience no matter how big or small your vehicle magnets are.

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Advertise When You Need It

When advertising any business, it is important that they use every available avenue they have to help their business stay on top of their competition.

vehicle magnets and matching yard signsA great way to do this is by using mobile advertisements that will help the business reach a wider audience than traditional signs and graphics cannot do. However, if your business is on a budget or you also use your business vehicle for personal use, it is key that your mobile advertisement can be used and reused at any given time.

Vehicle magnets are the best solution for this problem because they will allow you to use your vehicles to advertise and use them as normal vehicles outside work hours. One simply needs to install the vehicle magnet in the right location when they are doing their business, then simply remove it afterward. These pieces are very flexible to use and affordable to manufacture, allowing users to get them made in no time at all and enjoy their benefits when they are in use.

For your Smithfield vehicle magnets, Redsquare Signs can tailor them to match your specific purpose for these tools while ensuring that your branding is incorporated in its final design. We will deliver them to you on time and within budget so that you can manage your advertising campaign without any worries.

Signage Restricted Neighborhoods

There are some neighborhoods where it is forbidden to put any signage or business displays, even if the owner of the said business lives in the area.

Vehicle Magnet, Magnetic Car SignA person caught with these displays on their property or for any business whose displays are scattered in the neighborhood will be fined by the neighborhood association and even impose restrictions. Because of these rules, business owners who also use their vehicles for personal use will have a tougher time using them if they have their vehicles wrapped.

Fortunately, with vehicle magnets, they can avoid these penalties and restrictions while still being able to promote their brand well. They will simply put the vehicle magnets on when they are outside the neighborhoods and take them out when they are in these neighborhoods or no longer using their vehicles for work.

Full-Service Sign Company

At Redsquare Signs, you don’t have to worry about your sign or graphic project because we offer a comprehensive service that will allow us to handle your project, from conceptualizing the design and fabricating it to the right format and size to getting it installed in your chosen location.

food truck menu board magnetBefore you request our team to get started on your Smithfield vehicle magnets, you can avail of our free consultation service, where we will sit down with you to learn all the details about your project. We take our time to know these details in order for us to create the right design for your request and make sure it is effective in helping you achieve your goals when your request is in use.

Our graphic designers will create a draft design for your consideration and show you how the final product can look once it is installed. If you need us to edit anything on the design, let us know, and we will modify it until you are satisfied with the final product. Once we get your approval, we will set to work on fabricating your request to its right size and format. The team will work together to ensure nothing is missing in the final product before we deliver it to you for installation.

You can also trust us to help you with repairs and maintenance for your request, as well as get a brand new one should you want to upgrade your magnets. If you want to match your vehicle magnets with the rest of your business signs and graphics, let us know, and we will design these magnets accordingly to work with your other displays.

Free Vehicle Magnet Consultation

Smithfield Vehicle Magnets red square logo 300x114If you want to use your commercial vehicles for personal use or you can’t use permanent vehicle wraps for it, you can definitely trust vehicle magnets to help you continue your promotions using your vehicle and still use it for personal use. But, you will need to get your vehicle magnets made by the right Smithfield, NC sign company to guarantee that they will be exactly as you envisioned and last a long time.

Redsquare Signs is the sign company to choose for your vehicle magnet request, as we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of your vehicle magnets, as well as its effectiveness in helping you promote your business to a wider audience. We look forward to helping you transform your marketing strategy by adding your vehicle into the mix.

Call Redsquare Signs at (252) 475-7978 for your Free Consultation with a Smithfield Vehicle Magnet specialist!