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Princeton Vehicle Graphics


Do you use a commercial vehicle to deliver your goods and services to your clients directly? Why not transform these vehicles into an integral part of your marketing strategy by installing custom-made vehicle graphics on them?

custom partial car wrapYour vehicle graphics are a fantastic way to effectively promote your business to those who encounter your vehicle frequently on the road or in the streets. Our graphics are custom-tailored to match your vehicle’s size and convey your desired message to the public.

Whether it is for marketing or promotions, you can get the right type of vehicle graphics made when you partner with a reliable and experienced sign company to do it for you.

Redsquare Signs’s personalized Princeton vehicle graphics not only match the business’ goals and personality but will also help make the business more memorable to people who see it.

We offer the most affordable rates for our services, and the vehicle graphics we make are guaranteed to stay vibrant regardless of their specifications so that you get more savings and returns for your investment.

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Increase Brand Awareness with Custom Vehicle Graphics

Redsquare Signs can create custom Princeton vehicle graphics for your business to help you with brand awareness, visibility, traffic generation and improve customer perception.

custom vehicle graphics

Vehicle graphics work for any type of business regardless of their type and industry. We can create the right size and shape of vehicle graphics to match the type of vehicle used by the business.

The design of the graphics is tailored to match the business’ goals and personality, as well as match the business’ other displays for consistent messaging.

Once the vehicle graphic is installed, people will immediately spot it and become familiar with the business without requiring a lot of information to support it.

It will also help the business see an improvement in how people see the brand the more often they see these graphics on the road.

High-Quality Vehicle Graphics & Lettering

Whether you rely on commercial vehicles for delivering your products or restocking your inventory, they’ll face consistent exposure to sunlight and harsh weather. To ensure your vehicle graphics stay vibrant and durable in these conditions, choose a company that specializes in high-quality, fade-resistant graphics.

custom full vehicle wrapAt Redsquare Signs, we partner with trusted suppliers to source premium vinyl and UV ink for your vehicle graphics. These materials ensure long-lasting vibrancy, even in challenging weather conditions. Our vinyl not only enhances the durability of your graphics but also helps maintain your vehicle’s value, reducing the need for costly repairs in the future.

When you acquire custom-tailored vehicle graphics from our company, you can count on our expert team to handle both installation and maintenance for you. Our services are not only affordable but also of the highest quality, thanks to our dedicated team that manages every aspect of your signage project. We take pride in consistently ensuring the final product is flawless through regular quality checks.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Marketing Investment

Invest in your commercial vehicles wisely. Ensure that any add-ons serve your goals and promote your brand effectively. Vehicle graphics transform your vehicle into a powerful marketing tool, leaving a lasting, positive impression on your customers. Be creative in their design and installation to achieve your intended response from those who see them.

Say goodbye to the extra expenses of other advertising tools and manpower. Simply equip your vehicles with graphics, and let them do the work, whether they’re on the move or parked. Well-designed graphics will inform your audience about your business without needing direct interaction or a physical visit.

At Princeton Vehicle Graphics, we specialize in crafting personalized graphics for your commercial fleet, using industry-grade vinyl. This choice provides an extra layer of protection against daily wear and scratches, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy for your designs. What’s more, this material is reusable, allowing you to update your graphics seamlessly, blending new and old elements without the need for new vinyl graphics with each change. Your investment is designed to last and adapt, just like your business.

Let our team know about your ideas for your vehicle graphics and the requirements you want us to consider as we make your request. Our team can also identify where these graphics should be installed to make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Full-Service Sign Company

Custom vehicle graphics

At Redsquare Signs, clients can get all types of business signs and graphics tailored specifically for their use regardless of their budget, industry, and requirements.

Our Princeton, NC, sign company has always been dedicated to providing clients with the right signs and graphics when they need them because we, too, understand the competition these businesses have to face. We are also a business!

To ensure your request works well for you, your requests will be personalized to your brand and made in-house – from creating the design, conceptualizing the actual signs or graphics, manufacturing the signs or graphics, to getting them installed. We even have a team you can count on for maintenance and repairs.

custom design and manufacturing

We don’t just do vehicle graphics at Redsquare Signs. We can also do the following signs and graphics whenever you need them.

  • Chanel letters
  • Dimensional letters
  • Digital signs
  • Electronic signs
  • LED Signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pole signs
  • Yard signs

… and many more!

If you’re unsure which signs and graphics best align with your business goals, reach out to our team. We’re eager to assess your location and understand your business to determine the right solutions for you. We offer comprehensive sign and graphics setup and can enhance your existing ones for improved effectiveness. If you have questions about our services, take advantage of our free consultation service anytime.

Free Vehicle Graphics Consultation

Princeton Vehicle Graphics red square logo 300x114Your commercial vehicles have immense potential to help you build the right image for your brand that people can immediately see and trust. But, before you can achieve this, you will need to get the right tool to transform your commercial vehicles accordingly.

With Redsquare Signs as your trusted sign partner, we can explore the various options of vehicle graphics with you, which we can personalize for your vehicle and business. You can also trust us to get your chosen graphics installed in your vehicle once we are finished manufacturing it and make sure that they work exactly as intended to help you achieve your business goals, no matter how big or small they are.

Learn more today by contacting us through our hotline, and one of our sign experts will be with you to check your request to get you started.

Call Redsquare Signs at (252) 475-7978 for your Free Consultation with a Princeton Vehicle Graphic expert!