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Commercial Fleet Wraps & Graphics
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Garner Commercial Fleet Wraps & Graphics


Your commercial vehicles are capable of more than just transportation. Given the different places they reach every day, they are the perfect tools to expand your marketing reach without paying for billboards or online advertisements. Redsquare Signs can help you do this with our customized Garner fleet wraps!

Custom Fleet Vehicle Wraps

We are confident that our vehicle wraps and graphics can do wonders for your fleet of commercial vehicles, irrespective of your business type or target audience. Having branded graphics on your vehicles will improve the impression you leave on people, help you gain more customers, and even offer protection for your vehicle’s paint.

No matter what type of vehicles you own, how many there are, and how much your budget is, Redsquare Signs is fully equipped to diligently customize your fleet wraps according to your specific needs and personal preferences. We have in-house professionals who will handle the designing, manufacturing, and installation of your fleet wraps for maximum appeal and longevity.

Don’t settle with plain vehicles. Improve your brand awareness and leave a long-lasting first impression on your target market by working with our fleet wrap experts as soon as possible!

Call Redsquare Signs today at (252) 475-7978 for your Free Consultation with a Garner Fleet Wrap Expert!

Commercial Wraps For All Vehicle Types

Redsquare Signs is a full-service Garner, NC sign company with over 20 years experience working with police, fire, and local government vehicles. With complete equipment, high-quality signage materials, and top-notch skills in customizing different types of signs and graphics, our team confidently offers custom Garner fleet wraps for all kinds of vehicles.

custom commercial fleet vehicle graphicsYou can choose from our various vinyl products: full vehicle wraps, partial vehicle wraps, cut vinyl graphics, vinyl lettering, and vehicle window films. We also have vehicle magnets for those who want the convenience of easily removing and reapplying the promotional graphics on their vehicles whenever they like.

Regardless of what specific product you prefer, rest assured that we will customize it not only to match your design preferences but also to fit the overall look of your vehicle. Our goal is to transform your fleet into professional-looking marketing tools that will inspire trust from your potential customers.

Whether you own trucks, trailers, vans, buses, or a personal car that you double as a commercial vehicle, Redsquare Signs can turn them into an eye-catching mobile advertising tool. Even maritime vehicles can benefit from our durable vinyl graphics!

Since we use high-grade vinyl, our wraps and graphics are still suitable for vehicles that are frequently used or constantly exposed to extreme conditions. You can even consider them as investments for the protection of your vehicles, as they can help preserve the pristine look of your vehicle’s bodywork underneath the vinyl.

Custom Crafted For Your Business

Aside from ensuring that our Garner fleet wraps and graphics will last for as long as possible, Redsquare Signs is also committed to customizing its designs to gain the maximum benefits for your business.

custom design and manufacturingThis means that not only will we take your budget into account as we produce your vehicle wraps, but we will also consider your branding and messaging needs. The designing stage will be done meticulously, ensuring we’ll use the right colors, font, slogan, and logo for your brand is known for.

The information or message that you want to convey is also crucial in the customization process. We will see to it that your key marketing phrases are highlighted strategically and that any vital business information (e.g., contact details, address, etc.) is easy to see and comprehend.

Free Fleet Wraps Consultation

Garner  Commercial Fleet Wraps & Graphics red square logo 300x114Redsquare Signs is always ready to vouch for the worthiness of our custom fleet wraps and graphics. Whether you use your vehicles for deliveries or as a means to get to your clients’ locations and provide professional services, having us customize your fleet will help your overall branding and promotional goals.

They can help reinforce the professional brand image that you’re building, which can gain your business more trust from interested clients or customers over time. Our vinyl vehicle wraps and graphics are also cost-effective, given their longevity and effectiveness as marketing and protective tools.

So, if you are interested in knowing how we can maximize your budget for the best transformation of your fleet of commercial vehicles, get in touch with us right away. We’d love to start the initial consultation with you and guide you on our general process. If you agree to work with us, we can begin planning and realizing the fleet wraps you envisioned at your earliest convenience!

Call Redsquare Signs today at (252) 475-7978 for your Free Consultation with a Garner Fleet Wrap Expert!