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Smithfield Digital Signs & Message Centers


Looking for a business sign that can instantly connect with your audience? How about signs that are visible day and night and a breeze to customize? Redsquare Signs has the perfect solution for you – our custom-tailored Smithfield digital signs!

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Our digital signs enable clients to share information more effectively with their target audience while offering substantial cost savings. Users can effortlessly update the content displayed on these digital signs, eliminating the need to purchase new signs each time they wish to promote or showcase something new. Furthermore, these signs are designed to function seamlessly at night and in harsh weather conditions, ensuring businesses can maintain their promotional efforts even beyond regular business hours.

Redsquare Signs is a highly-rated sign company that offers comprehensive sign service to clients looking for a stress-free experience for their sign projects. Join forces with our experienced team, and let a seasoned expert guide your project to ensure your digital signs meet your precise requirements. You can count on us for punctual, budget-friendly delivery, understanding the crucial role these signs play in fueling your business growth.

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Dynamic, Attractive Digital Signs

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Digital signs are a great investment a business could make in order to expand its brand’s presence, promote its offerings more effectively, and inform its clients about key details they need to inspire them to check the business.

Digital signs allow users to have a dynamic and attractive way to present any content they want their target audience to see. When designed correctly, they will allow viewers to identify the information being displayed and get them to act accordingly. These signs are also visible at night and in harsh weather conditions, ensuring that they don’t stop performing their intended use and help you stand out from your competition.

No matter what type of content you want to use with these digital signs or where you wish to use them, you can trust our sign experts, who specialize in personalized Wilson digital signs, to deliver the perfect digital displays whenever you need them. We can help you choose the right specifications for your digital signs and ensure they work as you intended.

Outdoor Digital Displays

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Redsquare Signs can create effective and reliable outdoor digital displays for your business, whether you plan to use them as your storefront sign or as a supporting sign for your outdoor business signs.

Outdoor digital displays can attract your target market at any given time, even in harsh weather conditions. We use either LED, LCD, or projection signs for outdoor digital displays since they can be calibrated accordingly to showcase your content. Our team will visit your location to determine where these displays should be installed to achieve your intended response from your clients.

Our graphic designers will also work with you to discuss your ideas, targets, and budget to create the perfect setup for your digital displays. If you add these digital displays to supplement your existing displays, we will install them safely and ensure they work in sync with these signs. You will definitely see a difference in customer perception and traffic once your request is installed in your location.

Indoor Digital Displays

Our personalized Smithfield digital signs can also be used for indoor applications and help you achieve an interactive experience that your customers will appreciate.

custom digital menu boardWith digital displays, you have a versatile tool for delivering information to your clients through the simultaneous use of photos, videos, music, and text. These displays can be seamlessly programmed to highlight specific content at pivotal moments, effectively capturing a larger audience’s attention. Plus, they’re remarkably energy-efficient, and you can choose from a variety of digital sign styles to optimize the customer experience and enhance business operations.

When you request digital displays for indoor use, our team will look into your space and what type of content you want to display to determine what type of digital signs should be made for your space. We’ll not only recommend the optimal setup but also illustrate how it will be customized to ensure your objectives are met. Rest assured, we use only the finest materials to craft your digital signs and strategically install them in prime locations to captivate your target audience effortlessly.

Full-Service Sign Company

At Redsquare Signs, we ensure you have access to affordable, reliable business signs whenever you need them. Our comprehensive sign services streamline the process, handling everything from design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance. With in-house expertise, we deliver the best quality signs at competitive rates, always on time.

custom lighted digital message board pole signFor your digital signs, we will start with the free consultation service, where we will sit down with you to get to know your request and your business. With all this information, we will then create a draft design that we believe matches your requirements perfectly. We will also show you the various examples of digital signs that we can use as the foundation for your request, as well as the materials we can use for it. If you need more inspiration, we can provide you with expert advice and a view of our previous work.

When you see the draft design, we can edit it for free if you find something missing or wrong in the overall look. Once the design passes your standards, it is only then that we manufacture it to the right specifications. The signs will be made in-house to guarantee their quality and make sure it is done on time. Our team will also go to your location to prepare the area for installation, as well as sort out the permits if your digital sign will be used in an outdoor setting.

For the installation, we have electricians on standby to connect your digital signs to the electrical lines safely and work with our installers to get the digital signs erected safely. We will also teach you how to utilize your new digital signs and what you need to know regarding their maintenance. If you do not have time to do the maintenance, contact our team, and we will send our experienced maintenance teams to handle it for you.

Free Digital Sign Consultation

Smithfield Digital Signs & Message Centers red square logo 300x114In today’s competitive market, you need to take advantage of all the tools available to help your business grow and stay relevant. For advertising and marketing, digital signs will definitely help you achieve your goals and keep your business on par with its peers. It will also open new opportunities for you to consider as you reach out to more people and change the way they see your business.

If you want to learn more about our sign services, don’t hesitate to contact our Smithfield, NC sign company at any time. We will be ready to show you the possible options you can get for your business and modify them to suit your needs. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with us as your sign partner.

Call Redsquare Signs at (252) 475-7978 for your Free Consultation with a Smithfield Digital Sign expert!