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Exceptional, tailor-made signage is a critical asset for your business. Whether you’re aiming to enhance foot traffic, drive sales, or require top-tier building signs and informative graphics, look no further than Redsquare Signs, your trusted Holly Springs-based sign company. We offer comprehensive solutions at competitive prices to fulfill all your requirements.

Custom Building Sign & Awning SignEvery client we cater to can rest assured that they’ll receive durable signs and graphics that maximize the value of their investment. Our team designs, produces, and installs all kinds of exterior and indoor signs, ensuring that every single one effectively conveys your message to your target audience and helps improve the public’s perception of your brand.

No matter your budget, industry, signage needs, or preferences, Redsquare Signs is your reliable choice for efficient, cost-effective, and satisfying solutions. Don’t take our word for it—explore our customer reviews and witness why we’re Holly Springs, NC’s top sign company.

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Signs That Work For You

At Redsquare Signs, our client’s satisfaction is our ultimate aim. Once you decide on working with us, we will start planning how to realize the sign you envision in the best way possible.

Outdoor Wayfinding Nursery SignageOur signage experts will ensure that the sign you receive will effectively get your message across, whether for promotion, branding, or simply informing people of crucial details about the safety within your establishment.

As an experienced, full-service Holly Springs sign company, the following aspects are guaranteed to be diligently customized to meet your unique needs and personal choices:

Signage type

Redsquare Signs offers all kinds of custom signs and graphics. Whether you need one for outdoor or indoor use, we can design, produce, and install the perfect signage solution.

Included in the signage that we provide are the following:

  • Channel letters
  • Dimensional letters
  • Digital signs
  • Electronic signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Yard Signs
  • Vinyl graphics

Our team can also help you choose the specific sign type if you’re having trouble deciding. We’ll consider your budget, signage purpose, and other specifications to narrow your options. On the other hand, if you’re already set on the type you need, call us immediately to begin the customization process.


Our signage material will also be chosen based on your particular needs and style preferences. The budget you allocate will, of course, also play a vital role in the planning. We always ensure that the signage we deliver has the maximum durability and overall quality without exceeding your budget.

Our signage experts will also take your installation area into account. We will choose the material that can last for an extended period while being exposed to the various elements present in your area. Whether you need indoor or outdoor signs, weather, temperature, and the presence of other hazards are essential factors when deciding on the best signage material to use.


The appearance of your signs can either impress or discourage your target audience. Since it is the first thing that people will notice, our graphic designers will thoroughly customize the design of your signs and graphics to ensure maximum impact and visibility.

We will strategically lay out your design elements to highlight your marketing message or business information. Your branding guidelines will also be part of the designing process, ensuring that our signs and graphics will align with your established brand image.

Installation area

A high-quality sign can only do little to nothing for your marketing or messaging goals if you fail to identify a suitable installation area. So, apart from your actual custom signage, Redsquare Signs can also help you choose where to install your business sign. This will help ensure that people won’t miss your sign, and you’ll get the response you’re aiming for.

The Right Signage For Your Business

custom window vinyl wrap

We cater to any size or type of business. So, at Redsquare Signs, you can rely on us to skillfully customize our signs and match the particular marketing needs of your business. We are dedicated to providing high-quality signs that will help improve your overall business performance.

The following are some of the factors that we will take into account as we plan the best sign to help you reach business success:

Brand image

Consistency is crucial for effective branding. That is why at Redsquare Signs, we consciously pay attention to the design elements used on your signs and graphics, including fonts and colors. We must utilize the ones you use in all your other marketing items and logos, ensuring that people can easily recognize the signs as yours and become more receptive to your advertising efforts.

Building location

Your building location is essential to our customization process, especially if you order outdoor signs. Given your environmental conditions, we will select the material that will last for a long time and adjust your signage details accordingly. This may include the height, width, and illumination of your signage, which can all be adjusted as we assess your surrounding buildings or obstructions.

Business hours

Redsquare Signs will also customize your sign based on when you usually operate. This means that if you operate 24/7 or after sundown, we’ll likely offer digital or illuminated signs since they can ensure your customers know where to go. Roadside signage like pole and monument signs are also recommended since they are apparent and can invite customers from a distance.

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

Exterior Signage

The initial perception people have of your business can determine whether you’ll enjoy a steady stream of customers or suffer from a lack of visitors. It underscores the importance of installing an appealing outdoor sign that can effectively guide potential customers to your establishment and leave a lasting good impression.

From temporary promotional signage to a long-term outdoor sign that will serve as a distinctive landmark for your business, all your desired exterior signs can be customized by Redsquare Signs.

As a trusted Holly Springs, NC, sign company, we have the expertise to conceptualize, fabricate, and install various outdoor signs that distinguish your business from the rest. Included in the custom outdoor signs that we offer are the following:

Indoor & Interior Signs

Attractive Custom Lobby Signs

Like outdoor signs, high-quality indoor signs are essential for any establishment. They can make your business more appealing to customers so they’ll keep coming back.

Informational interior signs are also crucial for maintaining an efficient and safe workplace.

Redsquare Signs also produces indoor graphics that are purely for decorative purposes.

Here are some of the indoor signs and graphics that our team can tailor to your specific needs:

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

Custom Commercial Van Wrap

Thanks to its versatility and durability, vinyl is popularly used for different types of signage and graphics. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor signs, giving you abundant signage choices regardless of your intended installation area.

Redsquare Signs provides custom vinyl signs and graphics that can withstand frequent temperature changes and other hazards for a long time. We also use high-quality ink so your vinyl sign will remain vibrant even when used outdoors for an extended period.

Included in the various types of vinyl signs and graphics that we offer are the following:

Complete Commercial Signage Company

indoor vinyl lobby mural

You don’t have to search any further for your signage needs. Redsquare Signs is a reliable Holly Springs sign company that is fully equipped to handle all stages of signage production: design, manufacturing, and installation. We do all these in our local shop, so you can always check on the progress of your project and ensure that we are diligently abiding by the industry’s high standards.

The initial perception people have of your business can determine whether you’ll enjoy a steady stream of customers or suffer from a lack of visitors. It underscores the importance of installing an appealing outdoor sign that can effectively guide potential customers to your establishment and leave a lasting good impression.

If you work with us, you can expect a comprehensive service that gives the best bang for your buck. From the initial consultation to the final touches, you can rest assured that our signage experts will work to your satisfaction.

Our Commitment To You

Holly Springs Sign Company red square logo

If you choose to partner with us, Redsquare Signs guarantees that your project will be executed promptly while securing your signage’s Integrity and visual appeal.

We will also tailor your signs and graphics to match your specified budget, enabling you to attain the best possible quality for your signage investment.

Contact Redsquare Signs today at (252) 475-7978 for your Free Consultation with a Holly Springs Signs & Graphics expert!